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Doing The Rounds(pics)

Though it might seem superficial on the surface and all fun and games   ‘ doing the rounds’ sure does take some  commitment and time management. But again there’s nothing as fulfilling as making somebody’s day(or evening) and we all know that. Of  course don’t show up empty  empty handed, carry lots of goodies- that’s the rule of thumb. Do that and you won’t have to worry about quorum, just like in office meetings.

HECI Chairman (far right) with two..wait..three members of the Organisation

mother and baby bonding

A street in maili Saba informal settlements. We could find a single health center a fact wich immediately added a new reality and mission- to set up one

A street in maili Saba informal settlements Nairobi City. We discovered there was not a single health centre in the area which made us realise pretty quick we had a brand new mission-to help provide one.

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