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Visiting Future Footballers At Githunguri

July 6, 2010

The month of July started off well for HECI with a planned visit to Githunguri informal settlements,Kiambu, about 45 minutes drive from the CBD to pay a visit to Chrisc Kids as they showed off their footballing skills at the Potters School in Runda, Kiambu.

We were duly informed they were good at rugby too as they have participated in the junior Safari Sevens and Harlequins displaying tremendous discipline, sportsmanship and success.

The trip was planned and initiated by another Not-For-Profit YASP [Youth Against Street family life and Poverty] and i represented HECI on that 1st of July following an invite. Chrisc Kids is made up of more than 100 mostly pre-teens, 100 percent boys from the nearest Githunguri informal dwellings, a 200metres by 1.5 km ‘Gaza Strip’ sandwiched by those palatial homes and the proposed land cleared away for the proposed flyover.

Kaberu, Chrisc founder who also doubled as the Head Coach that day flanked by two assistants explained the absence of girls. Initially they were there but he was facing logistical constraints having to drop every single girl at their door step especially when arriving after an event or function.

Dropping them ‘in the hood’ was not safe enough with their parents and guardians and it didn’t help matters seventy percent of the residents were Muslim. But as i also concluded boy’s were generally easier to manage, challenges are still there.

As much as the kids were aspiring to be future Kaka’s, Casillases and Gyan’s all understood and stressed the importance of formal education. A few are already lucky to have secured scholarships already fro well wishers but many others are still waiting. Boys grow to be men and when they do they will definitely need an education to back up whatever talents they got.

And speaking of talent, or is it multi-talent, i personally spotted a sketch Artist, rap Artiste, Acrobat, leadership qualities and of course raw footballing talent. A talk by the chairman of YASP and all the members, accompanying friends and finally i, HECI representative, bordered on these crucial aspects as well as drugs, crime and other ASBO[ Anti Social Behaviour Order] stuff to avoid which are rampant in their circumstances and surroundings were firmly inculcated in their young minds.

We made sure Entrepreneurship, something close to my heart, was included in the mentorship talk and of course we already had a crop of budding young business people.

What from hawking groundnuts and other fast moving foodstuffs to selling grocery to help out their families- that’s business.

Any assistance towards helping these young people from tuition fees, scholarships to helping John with that cash for feed for his rabbits, ‘Kaka’s’ primary school books and a few blanks sheets of paper for Tom will be highly appreciated.

NB: Our contacts are on our About Page, Communications director HECI so we liaise and you communicate directly with the Founder Chrisc Kids, Mister Kaberu.


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